Neruppu Da

Directed by : B. Ashok Kumar

Casting : Vikram Prabhu, Nikki Galrani, Varun

Music :Sean Roldan

Produced by : First Artist, Chandra Arts

PRO : Diamond Babu

Review :

Vikram Prabhu started it with Kumki and followed it up with few films in various genres. 


Now comes Neruppuda which is special in his career. For he not just plays the lead but also bankrolls the venture.


His maiden production venture, directed by directed by Ashok Kumar throws light on the lives of firefighters. 


A tribute to them, it rightly brings out their selflessness in saving the lives of others.


Remember oit was Kamal Haasan, who several years before played firefighter in Michael Madana Kamarajan and Prashanth in Virumbugiren.


Neruppuda is about Vikram Prabhu and his gang of friends — all hailing from a Housing Board colony — who aims to become firefighters. 


The core of the film is the friendship and camaraderie between these characters.


Nikki Galrani plays the love interest of Vikram Prabhu while Varun, Rajendran,Naginedu,Aadukalam Naren and Madhusudhan Rao are also in the cast.


Sean Rolden is taking care of the music. Aalangiliyae and Karukku Kallangolu songs have been well-received by the audience. 


RD Rajasekhar handles the camera and the expert in it, he captures everything well. The cinematography is bright and beautiful. 


He adds more life to the movie with his visuals. Watch out for fire sequences in the movie that are too close to reality. The editing by Thiagu is crisp and set the pace for the movie.


Vikram Prabhu and his friends played by Varun, Vincent, Rajkumar and debutant Dinesh hog enough screen space.


Nikki Garlani and Vikram Prabhu's ladylove does a good act.


After a few average outings in the recent past, Vikram Prabhu finally manages an engrossing film. 


There are commercial elements shrewdly added in the movie. The screenplay makes it an interesting affair. Nikki Garlani is bubbly and cute. 


She hogs enough screen space. Unlike her recent tomboyish roles, she plays a rural girl with perfection.


The first half is interesting while the second half is packed with suspense elements.


Three cheers to filmmaker Ashok Kumar for coming out with a movie that throws light on the selfless acts of firefighters.


Verdict : Screenplay will clearly explaines the struggles in an wonderful manner and overall a class entertainer. Must watch....!

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